About The Author

To anyone and everyone –

This blog is a smorgasbord.  By smorgasbord, I really mean a semi-organized collection of things. Things I like, things I love, things I hope to do, and things that inspire me. Whether I post about food (which I spend about 23 hours out of 24 thinking about), fashion, art, entertainment, my endeavors as a student, or life as an unpaid intern, it’s all about letting my voice be heard. For SUCH a long time I’ve been considering starting one of these.  But I never did.  I read tons of blogs on a regular basis, and I always thought to myself, “I don’t write as well as these people,” or “I’m not as witty.”   My laziness also kicked in a bit.  But I feel that my “artsiness” and hipster mentality is just drawing me to the blogging world. So here goes.

And when I think about it, I’m honestly just a better writer and funnier than everyone, so making my own blog was the next logical move.  I’m kiddddddding.  Kind of.

Feel free to read, enjoy, & share with your friends! xo


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